Introducing Solvita!

formerly Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services

Donate Blood

Learn about your blood type and how your donation can save lives.
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Learn more about the donation process and how you can schedule your lifesaving appointment today.

Tissue Donation

Learn about tissue donation and how tissue donation impacts the lives of others. 
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Birth tissue donation is a type of living donation and may help treat a variety of medical conditions.

Taking Life Further.

From a gift to an opportunity. From a difficult chapter to brighter days ahead. From one, to many. Solvita changes lives. Learn how life is passed on by donors and their families, and its impact on the restored lives of grateful recipients. 

At Solvita, life transforms and reinvents.

When employees come to work, families make more memories. A patient gets another change. Our partners have been solutions, and people have better outcomes. What employees do at Solvita has a direct impact on lives around the world.

I enjoy working for Solvita for the responsibility given to us for what we do, but also for the challenges of what CAN we do.

John Kidder